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Generating Synthetic Longitudinal Data
In this webinar, Replica Analytics' Dr. Khaled El Emam is joined by Director of Data Science Lucy Mosquera to provide a general introduction to synthetic data generation (SDG), explaining what it means, how it works and what technologies are used, as well as an overview of the use cases where synthetic data can provide value in the context of real-world data and clinical trial data in collaboration with C-Path. Given the paucity of data that exists for rare disease drug development, synthetic data may augment the limited data that does exist to support patient selection, patient phenotype characterization and clinical trial design. This discussion will also address the value of synthetic data in the context of rare disease drug development.

Replica Analytics, pioneer in using artificial intelligence (AI) for synthetic health data generation, is part of Aetion, the leading regulatory-grade real-world evidence (RWE) technology provider. Replica’s AI technology generates synthetic, privacy-protected copies of real-world data (RWD) that preserve the integrity and utility of source data.

View our 3/16/22 webinar "AI-powered Real-world Simulations for Faster and Value-Based Rare Disease Drug Development" here: youtu.be/4iYEmZ-xV7c

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Khaled El Emam
SVP and General Manager @Replica Analytics
Dr. Khaled El Emam is co-founder and was the CEO of Replica Analytics until it was acquired by Aetion in 2021. He is currently SVP and General Manager at Replica Analytics. As an entrepreneur, Khaled has founded or co-founded five other companies involved with data management and data analytics. He has worked in technical and management positions in academic and business settings in England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, and Canada. Khaled has a Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, King’s College, at the University of London, England. In 2003/04, he was ranked as the top systems and software engineering scholar worldwide by the Journal of Systems and Software based on his research on measurement and quality evaluation and improvement.
Lucy Mosquera
Director of Data Science @Replica Analytics
Lucy Mosquera has a background in biology and mathematics, having done her studies at Queen's University in Kingston and the University of British Columbia. In the past she has provided data management support to clinical trials and observational studies at Kingston General Hospital. She also worked on clinical trial data sharing methods based on homomorphic encryption and secret sharing protocols with various companies. At Replica Analytics, Lucy is responsible for integrating her subject area expertise in health data into innovative methods for synthetic data generation and the assessment of that data, as well as overseeing our analytics program.